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zhu bixin inspected cct mixed-ownership reform fund

general office     2021-05-26         

on may 25, china chengtong’s secretary of the cpc committee and chairman zhu bixin inspected cct mixed-ownership reform private equity fund management co., ltd. (cct mixed-ownership reform fund). china chengtong’s vice president li yousheng joined the visit.


zhu bixin was reported on cct mixed-ownership reform fund’s preparation for establishment, rules and regulation building, team building, capital raising and projects investment. zhu fully recognized the company’s achievements since its inception and put forward several requirements for its development on the next stage. first, the company should fully understand the mission of the mixed-ownership reform fund, and build up confidence in and fulfill the mission of boosting the mixed-ownership reform of central and local state-owned enterprises (soes). second, the company should adhere to the principles of market-oriented operation and professional management, stick to the rules of operating fund following the market-oriented approach. the company should establish and improve its market-oriented rational decision-making mechanism to continuously sharpen the professional ability of investment, and make investment decisions in strict accordance with the principle of specialization. third, the company should establish and constantly enhance the awareness of ‘zero risk’, take risk control as the top priority, and make the project risk under good control. fourth, the company should pay attention to the return on investment, strictly abide by the investment standards at the level of direct investment projects and sub-funds, and ensure the stable operation and sustainable development of the fund. fifth, the company should focus on team building, establish a restraint and incentive mechanism, and constantly improve the professional ability of the team. sixth, it is necessary to increase the research on the investment field and investment direction, in order to achieve a balanced integration of investment and research. the investment direction and structure proportion of the mixed reform fund investment should be determined in line with the national strategies. zhu bixin underlined that the mixed-ownership reform fund should also enhance its party building work and ensure cpc committee, board of directors and general manager meeting actively play their respective roles in decision-making process.


head of china chengtong’s general office and relevant personnel from cct mixed-ownership reform fund attended the meeting.

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