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li hongfeng inspected lishen battery

general office     2021-04-25         

on april 23 and 24, li hongfeng, china chengtong’s deputy secretary of the cpc committee and president, inspected tianjin lishen battery joint-stock co., ltd. (lishen battery). china chengtong’s vice president tong laiming and wang wenjun joined the visit.

on the morning of april 23, li went to lishen battery research institute and inspected its laboratory and trial production line, and also held a meeting with key technical personnel.


in that afternoon, li inspected round products and consumer products production line, and discussed with the persons in charge of business sectors.


on the morning of april 24, li inspected the square iron lithium battery project, and discussed with the power battery team.


in the afternoon, li was briefed the implementation of the guiding principles of the speech given by hao peng, secretary of the cpc committee and chairman of sasac during his visit to lishen battery on april 9, the production and operation in the first quarter of 2021, market analysis and sales plan in 2021, and report on the technical route and product layout of lishen battery. li hongfeng also presided over a meeting with lishen battery’s management team above the president assistant level and delivered a speech in the meeting.

li hongfeng fully affirmed the contributions to central soes’ new energy industry made by lishen battery’s employees at all levels over the years, and pointed out that since the equity transfer of lishen battery to china chengtong, all members of the management team have carried out fruitful work and stabilised the situation.

li put forward requirements to lishen battery and ask it to noted that lishen battery should recognize the great mission it is shouldering and study and implement the guiding principles of the speech given by sasac chief hao peng during his visit to lishen battery on april 9 to advance the development. the company should enhance the sense of urgency, and take the initiative in seizing the precious historical opportunity of the development of new energy battery industry. lishen battery should take various measures to normalize and stabilize its development by concentrating resources, prioritizing the production line, and building strategic support points in the fields of consumer batteries and energy storage batteries in a timely manner. it is vital for lishen battery to highlight its key products and quickly open up the markets for further growth. in this process, lishen battery should make up its mind to solve systematic problems surrounding supply chain and product quality through deepened reform and comprehensive policies that can constantly provide the driving force for development. it is also important to strengthen the leadership and the construction of the party to ensure the right development direction of the company. li hongfeng also required that all functional departments of the group to offer all-round service, enhance risk control awareness and provide guidance in party building in the development of lishen battery, and asked all the group’s subordinate companies to cooperate with lishen battery to support its development.

head of china chengtong’s operations and management department, and relevant personnel from the group’s general office joined above activities.

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