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zhu bixin met with cmcc chairman

general office     2021-04-17         

on april 15, china chengtong’s secretary of the cpc committee and chairman zhu bixin met with his china mobile communications group co., ltd. (cmcc) counterpart yang jie at cmcc headquarters. the two sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation and integrated development. cmcc’s deputy general manager gao tongqing, secretary of the board of directors gao songge, and china chengtong’s general accountant chen yong attended the meeting.


zhu bixin extended his gratitude to cmcc for its long-term support to china chengtong’s development and briefed the company’s history of reform, pilot state capital operation achievements, and holding business development. zhu noted that being one of the world’s largest communication operators, cmcc possesses well-known brand, rich capital, advanced technology, abundant talented personnel and vast market opportunities. china chengtong would like to put its advantages in market-oriented and professional capital operation into full play by enhancing cooperation with cmcc in fund investment, equity operation, financial services and mixed-ownership reform, to jointly contribute to an improved state economic layout and enhanced state capital and soes.

yang jie welcomed zhu bixin and the delegation. he congratulated china chengtong on its pilot capital operation achievements attained in recent years and also introduced cmcc’s reform and development. yang noted that cmcc is undergoing comprehensive information infrastructure construction to facilitate economic and social digital transformation and accelerate innovation-driven development and he saw a great room for cooperation with china chengtong in state capital investment and operation. he hoped that the two sides could work more closely and expand collaboration channels to achieve win-win development.

head of china chengtong’s general office, accounting department, cct fund, and relevant personnel from cmcc attended the meeting.

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