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zhu bixin met with cccc leadership

general office     2021-04-15         

on april 13, china chengtong’s secretary of the cpc committee and chairman zhu bixin met with wang tongzhou, china communications construction company limited (cccc) secretary of the cpc committee and chairman, and wang haihuai, cccc’s deputy secretary of the cpc committee and president at cccc headquarters. the two sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation and promote integrated development. cccc cfo peng bihong, and china chengtong’s general accountant chen yong attended the meeting.


zhu bixin extended his gratitude to cccc for its support to china chengtong’s development and briefed the company’s history of reform, pilot state capital operation achievements, and holding business development. zhu noted that being the world’s leading integrated service provider of super large infrastructure, cccc has made outstanding contributions to the development of china’s transportation industry. there is a huge space for cooperation between china chengtong and cccc in state capital investment and operation. he hoped that both sides could give full play to their respective advantages and enhance cooperation in fund investment, financial services, asset management and mixed-ownership reform, so as to contribute to the maintenance and appreciation of state assets and facilitate the reform of the layout and structure of state-owned economy.

wang tongzhou welcomed zhu bixin and the delegation. he introduced cccc’s reform and development, and noted that cccc has been constantly enhancing its integrated service capability of the whole industry chain with serving the national strategy as its aim and adhering to innovation-driven development and improving major business performance as its principle. china chengtong has gained rich experience in fund investment, equity operation, financial services and assets management, and wang hoped that the two sides could work more in fund investment, financial services, m&a, assets management, and mixed-ownership reform to jointly promote industrial transformation and development to achieve win-win cooperation.

wang haihuai stated that in line with the development plan of focusing on main business and profession, cccc has been actively promoting cooperation with china chengtong in the fields of integration of industry and finance and capital operation. it is hoped that the two sides could strengthen communication and exchange and further broaden cooperation channels and realize efficient and coordinated development by adhering to market-oriented and professional operation approach.

head of china chengtong’s general office, strategic development department, cct fund, tongying fund and relevant personnel from cccc attended the meeting.

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