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sasac chief inspected lishen battery

general office     2021-04-12         

on april 9, hao peng, party secretary of the cpc committee and chairman of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council (sasac) inspected tianjin lishen battery joint-stock co., ltd. (lishen battery), a china chengtong subsidiary. liao guoxun, mayor of tianjin municipality, and ma shunqing, deputy mayor of tianjin joined the visit. zhu bixin, china chengtong’s secretary of cpc committee and chairman, li hongfeng, china chengtong’s deputy secretary of cpc committee and president, and tong laiming, china chengtong’s vice president participated in the visit.


hao peng first visited lishen power battery manufacturing workshop and checked power lithium battery’s manufacturing process and production line operation. in his visit to lishen battery’s exhibition hall, hao peng was briefed about the company’s history of development, current production capacity, and market prospects, and he also checked lishen battery’s major products.

hao peng pointed out that in the process of heading for quality-oriented development, general secretary xi jinping has reiterated that we should put innovation in the central position of the overall process of china’s modernization, and take the independence of science and technology as a strategic pillar for national development. in this process, state-owned enterprises (soes) should take the initiative in nourishing the source of original technology and upgrading the modernization level of the industrial chain and supply chain. lithium battery technology is of land-marking, forward-looking and strategically-important importance in achieving high-quality development. central soes should implement the requirements of sasac for new energy industry layout and actively cultivate relevant strategic emerging industries. with the cooperation of local governments, sasac will provide firm support to china chengtong, enabling it to give full play to the market mechanism and make lishen battery stronger and better.

hao peng underlined that lishen battery has experienced ups and downs since its foundation and achieved remarkable results that contribute greatly to the development of this industry. he hoped that lishen battery could make full use of its rich experience and external opportunities, and further increase scientific research investment by sticking to innovation-based development approach. lishen battery should master more original innovation and core technology, and strengthen the upstream and downstream collaboration of the industrial chain and supply chain, so as to play a positive role in the better and faster development of china’s new energy industry.

zhu bixin said that as the state capital operating company and also lishen battery’s large shareholder, china chengtong will join hands with other shareholders to enhance communication and invest more to lishen battery, and promote the company’s healthy development.

relevant personnel from tianjin municipal government, china chengtong’s general office, and lishen battery joined the visit.

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