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zhu bixin met with safe guest

general office     2021-03-24         

on march 23, china chengtong’s chairman zhu bixin met with ye haisheng, director of capital account management department of state administration of foreign exchange (safe). the two sides exchanged views on implementing the 3-year action plan for soes reform and related topics.


zhu bixin welcomed ye haisheng and extended his gratitude to safe for its guidance and support over china chengtong. zhu introduced china chengtong’s history of development, achievements made since becoming the pilot state capital operating company, in particular operation in fund investment and equity operation and related risk control measures. zhu said that china chengtong will take the initiative in implementing the 3-year action plan for soes reform, and make financial innovation and actively reform with strict risk-control measures in place, to contribute to the value preservation and appreciation of state assets and structural reform of state economy.

ye haisheng stated that china chengtong has been assigned historically-significant missions in different periods and played unique roles. ye said that foreign exchange supervision and administration should be made on the basis of understanding companies’ real demands, especially central soes’ practical needs of business development. safe will reform and improve the foreign exchange management system and mechanism under the new development paradigm by focusing on deepening reform and stimulating enterprise development vitality. he hoped that under the guidance of the 3-year action plan for soes reform, china chengtong can realise better and faster development by giving better play to its capital operation function with finance and foreign exchange risk under good control.

relevant personnel from safe, china chengotng’s accounting department, finance management department, and cct fund attended the meeting.

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