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zhu bixin inspected lishen battery

general office     2021-03-11         

on march 9, china chengtong’s chairman zhu bixin inspected tianjin lishen battery joint-stock co., ltd. (lishen battery). tong laiming, china chengtong’s vice president and lishen battery’s chairman joined the visit.


zhu bixin inspected lishen battery research institute, electrode business division, consumer electronic (ce) battery workshop, and power battery intelligent manufacturing plant, and listened attentively to lishen battery’s work report and future development plan.


zhu bixin stressed that the development of clean energy serves a crucial part in achieving our nation’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality aims. the equity transfer of lishen battery was a strategically-important decision made by the sasac aiming at improving our nation’s strategic emerging industry layout by making full use of china chengtong’s role as a state capital operating company. china chengtong will continue promoting lishen battery’s healthy growth, focusing on enhancing the company’s competitiveness in new energy area and developing it a leading enterprise in china’s national-level team of new energy industry. zhu said that china chengtong will empower lishen battery and enable its shareholders’ meeting, board of directors, and management team play their respective part. furthermore, china chengtong will study the incentive policy and restraint mechanism of lishen battery, stimulate lishen battery’s internal power, and help the enterprise realise high-quality development. zhu bixin also put forward requirements to lishen battery for its future development from seven aspects.

head of china chengtong’s general office, operation and management department and capital operation department joined the visit.

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