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li hongfeng met with shanghai huangpu district mayor

general office     2021-03-05         

on march 3, china chengtong’s president li hongfeng met with shen shanzhou, mayor of huangpu district in shanghai. the two sides exchanged views on deepening communications, and promoting and expanding their current cooperation areas. china chengtong’s vice president li yousheng attended the meeting.


li hongfeng welcomed shen shanzhou and the delegation. he extended gratitude to huangpu district government for its long-term support over china chengtong’s development, and introduced operations of china chengtong’s huangpu-based enterprises. li noted that china chengtong is willing to work more closely with huangpu district in fund investment, capital operation and financial services to strive for win-win outcomes.

shen shanzhou briefed the social economic development status of huangpu district as well as its 14th five-year plan and the long-range objectives through the year 2035. shen pointed out that thanks to its advantages in the concentrated development of high-end service industry, huangpu district has witnessed constantly-emerging flow of vitality in integrated development of finance, business, science, innovation and cultural industries. he hoped that huangpu district and china chengtong could enhance their communication in fund investment and financial services to make joint exploration in economic cooperation and contribute to quality-oriented development.

china oriental president guan wu and head of china chengtong’s general office and strategic development department joined the meeting.

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