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zhu bixin met with beijing daxing district mayor

department of publicity     2021-03-08         

on march 5, china chengtong’s chairman zhu bixin met with wang youguo, mayor of daxing district in beijing. the two sides discussed on deepening bilateral cooperation. china chengtong’s vice president tong laiming and xiang hong attended the meeting.


zhu bixin welcomed wang youguo and the delegation, and expressed appreciation to daxing district for its support over china chengtong’s development. zhu briefed china chengtong’s history of development, business development as a capital operating company in fund investment, equity operation, assets management, financial services and holding-operating management in warehousing and logistics, trade and manufacturing industries. zhu stated that daxing district has entered a new stage of rapid and quality-driven development, and the official opening of beijing daxing international airport is sure to bring more opportunities for bilateral cooperation. zhu hoped that the two sides could enhance their cooperation in fund investment, warehousing and logistics, medical care and health and scientific innovation, to jointly contribute to building beijing the national political centre, cultural centre, international communication centre, science and technology innovation centre (four centres) and realising quality-oriented development.


wang youguo spoke highly of china chengtong’s achievements as a state capital operating company. he said that the opening of beijing daxing international airport in daxing district, and the district’s adjoining location to tongzhou district, easy transportation link with xiong’an new area and preferable connection between the beijing-tianjin-hebei region equip it with unique advantages. at present, daxing’s industrial carrying capacity is being increased through the adjacent economic zone of beijing daxing international airport, and the development capacity of key industries such as bio-medicine has been improved based on the china-japan international cooperation industrial park in beijing. wang hoped that china chengtong could continue its support to daxing and expand cooperation in fund investment, warehousing and logistics, bio-medicine and scientific innovation areas. daxing district will constantly improve its business operating environment to attract more businesses with elevated services to support enterprises’ development and achieve win-win growth.


head of china chengtong’s general office, accounting department, operation and management department, cmst, china logistics and cct fund, and relevant personnel from daxing district joined the meeting.

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