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li hongfeng met with xpcc guests

department of publicity     2021-03-03         

on march 2, li hongfeng, china chengtong’s deputy secretary of the cpc committee and president, met with wang bingju, the party chief of the 12th division of xinjiang production and construction corps (xpcc) at the group’s headquarters. the two sides exchanged views on implementing the guiding principles from the third central symposium on work related to xinjiang, and enhancing cooperation by making full use of each side’s advantages. china chengtong’s deputy secretary of the cpc committee and director shan zhongli, and vice president li yousheng, and xpcc 12th division vice division-commander cao jiajun and ma wenguo attended the meeting.


li hongfeng welcomed wang bingju and expressed gratitude to the 12th division for its support over china chengtong dispatched carders participating in xinjiang’s development and the group’s xinjiang-based business. li hongfeng briefed china chengtong’s achievements in the 13th five year period, and strategic plans set for the 14th five year period. li hongfeng stressed that supporting xinjiang’s development is a great political responsibility and honoured mission entrusted by the cpc central committee. china chengtong will stick to its industry-based supporting xinjiang approach with a deeper participation in modern logistics and pan-agricultural business and be more involved in the 12th division’s reform and development.


wang bingju extended his thanks to china chengtong. he noted that china chengtong has already sent three batches of high caliber personnel to xinjiang and all of them have played crucial roles in various posts. he believed that the there is a huge room for further cooperation between the two in trade, logistics and agricultural produces wholesale market, and hoped the two sides could work more closely to contribute to a stable and prosperous xinjiang.


head of china logistics, china commerce, the group’s publicity department, and strategic development department, and china chengtong dispatched carders participating in xinjiang’s development, and relevant personnel from the 12th division participated in the meeting.

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