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sasac vice chairman inspected china chengtong and crm

department of publicity     2021-02-25         

on february 24, weng jieming, vice chairman of the state-owned assets supervision and administration committee of the state council (sasac) inspected china chengtong and china railway materials group corporation (crm). china chengtong and crm’s chairman zhu bixin, china chengtong’s vice president xiang hong, crm’s president liao jiasheng, sasac’s deputy director of bureau of enterprise reform zhang xueyong and deputy director of bureau of planning and development dai xi joined the visits.


weng jieming visited china logistics & golden elephant medicine logistics co., ltd. and china logistics co., ltd.’s operation site of special logistics projects. he learned in detail of medicine logistics operation procedure, management, customer relations, industry status and application of new technology. weng jieming also exchanged views on project development and risk control of special logistics with relevant personnel. he later visited crm’s exhibition hall and crm rail big data centre.


zhu bixin reported the history of china chengtong and crm’s logistics business, their current development, advantages in the industry, reform and innovation actions, and plans for boosting the logistics business development. zhu noted that china chengtong and crm are committed to the quality-oriented logistics development path, and are willing to spare no effort in coordinating and promoting the construction of modern circulation system and building of modern logistics companies with international competitiveness.

weng jieming fully confirmed china chengtong and crm’s achievements in promoting logistics’ industry reform in recent years. he pointed out that china chengtong has been continuously advancing its warehousing and logistics business whilst the group’s transformation into a capital operating company; crm has resumed production and operation in a comprehensive way and returned to sound development. both companies have registered impressive results and seen expanded business scales and increased profits.


chairman xi jinping has required the promotion of the modern circulation system construction as a whole to provide strong support for the construction of new development paradigm, weng jieming said. as the main force of implementing the national strategy, central soes should build a stronger, better and bigger logistics industry in accordance with practice, and explore a targeted and sustainable development path for the industry, that could ultimately make new contributions to the construction of a new development paradigm. logistics is the major business for both china chengtong and crm, and the two companies should play a leading role in promoting the modernisation of industrial chain and supply chain, in building a modern circulation system, in improving the efficiency of resource allocation, in implementing the soes three-year reform action plan, and in strengthening the leadership and building of the party.


relevant personnel from sasac’s bureau of enterprise reform and bureau of planning and development, and china chengtong, crm and china logistics joined the visit.

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