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zhu bixin met with hainan vice governor

department of strategic development     2021-02-25         

on february 23, zhu bixin, china chengtong’s secretary of the cpc committee and chairman met with liu pingzhi, vice governor of hainan provincial people’s government at the group’s headquarters. the two sides exchanged views on deepening bilateral cooperation. li jinsong, deputy secretary general of hainan provincial people’s government, ma yonghua, chairman of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of hainan province, china chengtong’s deputy secretary of the cpc committee shan zhongli, and vice president li yousheng and xiang hong attended the meeting.


zhu bixin welcomed liu pingzhi and the delegation. he expressed appreciations to hainan government for its support over china chengtong’s development and briefed the group’s achievements as the state capital operating company, its collaboration with hainan province and the group’s investment in hainan. zhu said that china chengtong will carry out deeper collaboration with hainan in fund investment, soes’ mixed-ownership reform, international trade, integrated logistics, and health and elderly care by making full use of its advantages as the state capital operating company and further implementing guiding principles of the central cpc committee and chairman xi jinping’s instructions on vigorously developing hainan free trade port, to jointly contribute to hainan’s reform and quality-oriented development.


liu pingzhi extended his gratitude to china chengtong for its contribution to hainan’s social economic development. liu underlined hainan’s significant edge in preferential policies and location, and the importance of free trade port construction as a major national strategy. he hoped that both sides could work more in regional headquarters building, integrated logistics, and soes’ mixed-ownership reform, to achieve win-win development.


china chengtong’s secretary of the board of directors, head of chengtong hong kong, cmst, the group’s general office and strategic development department, and relevant personnel from hainan provincial government, hainan sasac and hainan united assets management co., ltd. attended the meeting.

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