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li hongfeng and xiang hong attended chengtong international 2021 work conference

chengtong international     2021-02-03         

on january 29, zhongchengtong international investment co., ltd. (chengtong international) 2021 work conference was held simultaneously in beijing and moscow via video link. china chengtong’s president li hongfeng and vice president xiang hong attended the conference and delivered speeches. chengtong international general manager zhou liqun made 2021 work report and its secretary of the party committee sun bohui presided over the conference.


li hongfeng fully recognized chengtong international’s work in 2020 and made requirements for the companies’ further development. li said that all chengtong international personnel stayed at the overseas front line during the pandemic and fulfilled their duties and showed the best of central soes in front of foreign countries. facing the complex and severe domestic and international situation, chengtong international resolutely implemented the decisions of the cpc central committee, the state council, the sasac, the chinese embassy in russia and the group, and achieved hard-won business achievements by coordinating the epidemic prevention and control, reform and development. for the next stage work, li hongfeng put forward four requirements: first, chengtong international should continue doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control; second, chengtong international should focus on the main responsibility, improve quality and efficiency, and build a public service platform for sino-russian economy and trade; third, chengtong international should strengthen the party’s leadership and build a new pattern of enterprise development; fourth, chengtong international should ensure safe overseas production and personnel stability.


xiang hong also confirmed chengtong international’s performance in 2020 and put forward requirements for the company’s work in 2021.


zhou liqun delivered chengtong international’s work report, sun bohui conveyed the key message of china chengtong’s 2021 work conference, and ji chunqin, the company’s general accountant read the decision of rewarding model workers.



chengtong international’s directors, supervisors and head of china chengtong’s department of international business attended the conference. all chinese employees at home and abroad participated in the conference in beijing and moscow respectively.

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